A Christmas dream


In the early hours of Christmas day 2014, God came to me in a dream, this is the dream that i had.
It begins with me waking up in a bathtub filled with water and my duvet wrapped around me, i was cosy and not wet.
I went to the window and looked outside to see two men around the house, one light in skin and the other dark in skin. They both had two small bundles of straw-like material in each hand, and as they approached the house suspiciously they placed them together to form a cross. I knew something was up and that they were false teachers, so i opened my window and shouted at them to move on and leave. They walked away and came to a massive crowd of school children all lined up down the other end of the street, then they said “We will just do it out here so that everybody can hear” and then the children all began to sing carol styled music. I knew that there was something very sinister about the crowd, but they were too big for me to tell them to go away, so i left them to it.
As the crowd continued to sing a small child beneath my window shouted “Look! A trickle of water! It’s happening. It is time! This trickle will soon become a flood!“.
I looked down at the little trickle of water and then moments later it started to rain down hard all around me. It seemed as if rain was coming from all directions. The rain slowed down and a tremendous lightning storm came. There were flashes of lightning from every direction, even horizonally along the street. I felt deep respect for this storm and watched in wonder as i praised Jesus.
The storm stopped and somebody shouted “Look! What is that?” and they pointed to a meteor in the sky that was leaving the earth, i knew that it was Jesus. I ran around the street praising Jesus’ holy name and begging for him to take me with him. It was a moment of sheer happiness, glory and respect.
The meteor turned around and i saw it land on an ominous looking silouette of a gigantic man. I then heard a tv commentary coming from everywhere, and it was saying “Here he is! God has come to judge everybody“, but it was speaking in the style of a fun upbeat sports commentary. One by one i saw seven of these massive cartoon looking beasts go past my window with this commentary describing them and what terror they had brought with them. I hid behind my window and watched fearfully as these creatures began to visit every home to pass judgement.
The commentary was telling me that to escape them i had to hide under the bed, but i knew this was a lie because i kept seeing cupboard doors opening all around me. I knew that it was God telling me to enter into one of them to escape, so i entered into the cupboard and hid in my duvet blanket in fear.
The cupboard was bright and it had a window, i saw the creatures passing in front of it, so i curled up into the duvet and closed my eyes. Then i heard Jesus’ voice come from the window, his glowing presence all around me. He spoke to me and said “Don’t worry, I am here with you and you are safe. I am sorry that i have to do this, but it has to be done. Just close your eyes and take note and you will be completely safe“. I looked upon him and saw a blinding, warming light coming from him. He stretched out his hands and reached towards my face, I moved away from his hands from fear of his almighty power and he said “I’m sorry for scaring you” and then i felt him leave to go and judge the world.
After this i knew that he was with me and that he wouldn’t let any harm come to me.
I have to note that just before this all occurred, in my dream the Pope made a public statement that every man, woman and child in the world heard. It was a statement that he had found God on earth, but i was very aware that he was claiming divinity to a false God.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about my dream as much as i enjoyed having it.
We could analyse the details of this dream all day long, but I think the biggest thing i have learnt from this dream is that God’s power is to be respected and that Jesus is always, always with us, even in our dreams.
When times get tough for believers (and they will) it is important to stand tall and and trust in the Lord. He is always watching over us.
As Psalm 118:6 says “The Lord is on my side, i will not fear; what can man do to me?
All glory be to God forever, Amen.

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