Am I making a difference?


Am I making a difference?


I’m sure at one point or another we have all asked ourselves the questions:


Am I making a difference in the world?


Is my work for God really worthwhile?


Am I praying for that family member or friend for no good reason?


When I serve God, is it really benefiting His Kingdom or am I just wasting my time?


I am here to tell you that yes, you are making a difference in the world. Yes your work is worthwhile. Yes your prayers are worth praying. Yes you really are benefiting God’s Kingdom when you serve Him.


I have been running this website since 2014 because I felt God calling me to create a website that could reveal some of the wonderful mysteries hidden within The Bible, and also bring great testimonies and life lessons to people all over the world. Over the course of these last 8 years the website has grown to having multiple authors, and featuring other great content creators, but despite all of this I have often asked myself the questions “Is this worth it? Who actually visits my website and who reads the content?”


I’d say to myself “The internet is a very big place, and my website is so tiny, there’s not much chance anyone real will see my content.” Now is this true? Of course! The internet is a huge place and there are so many websites that offer great content, but does that mean that God can’t use my website for his glory? Absolute not! This is the same for your life. God has a plan for everyone [Jeremiah 29:11] and just because you feel like the efforts you put in are small compared with the whole world, it doesn’t mean God isn’t using you for His glory. In fact The Bible tells us that God is using us for his works [Philippians 2:13].


Recently I had confirmation that God is using my website to reach people when a very generous donor (who wishes to remain anonymous) donated £100 to the running of this website. Wow £100! I couldn’t believe it when I checked my emails and saw. I thought it must have been a mistake, but sure enough it was real. It was then that I stopped questioning whether people were visiting the website or not, and I learnt a valuable lesson. God had given me the great honour of knowing first hand that my work for him means something, but this is a luxury we won’t always be given, because God wants us to have faith and trust in Him that he has placed us exactly where he needs us, and that we are benefiting his Kingdom.


I feel that God wants me to tell you how important you are to him. God doesn’t make mistakes, so it is no mistake that you are where you are, able to influence peoples lives for the better. For some of you, you will be the only positive, Godly influence in your friends/families/colleagues lives. Let’s not question God; instead lets pray that he gives us the strength and wisdom that we need each day to serve Him the way He wishes us to serve.


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