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Today is the beginning of the week that marks the end of half of the year. How quickly time flies. It is however a significant day of a significant week in which we should all take time to reflect on the past. How has it been for you? Can you honestly count your blessings, or has it been for you days, weeks, months of regrets, sadness, even untold misery.
Whatever these one hundred and eighty something days have been, the good news is that you’re still here and alive. That means God has been faithfully watching over you, providing to meet your needs, sheltering you from harm, and has preserved your life. That calls for gratitude and thanks.
Life, this side of heaven, will never be perfect; neither will it be trouble-free. Nevertheless, God remains faithful. He promises to hold our hands and help us: ‘For I the LORD your God will hold your right hand, saying to you, Fear not; I will help you.‘ [Isaiah 41:13].
What words of encouragement. These are firm promises we can stand on, because they are from a God we can count on. No matter what the past half year has spelt for you, his promises has remained true. He never for once looked away from your disappointments, difficulties, or depressing moments. If he allowed them then he has a good reason. Look for the benefits as the days roll ahead.
I took my LGV driving test last week, and although I was convince I had learned enough to pass, I made a grave error that could have ended badly for someone else because I was driving a huge truck. Disappointed as I was for failing, I knew God allowed that so I could recognise that blindspot in my driving and to rectify it before somebody got hurt, or even killed! Is that not a demonstration of his love, not just for me, but also for the other vehicle drivers I’ll be sharing road journeys with? He has to protect all of us, rather than make me happy only to then go and be a danger to others. My loss on this occasion has turned out to be great gain for all. So now as I look forward to the next half of the year, and to my retest, I do so with real confidence that God is good and he’ll do whatever is best for me, and many, many others out there in the open world. This does not mean we’ll not encounter further challenges and likely disappointments. Rather it means, no matter what comes our way we can trust God to help us and bring out the best result from it. So let’s look ahead with confidence in our God.

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