Hidden prophecy in Solomon’s Temple


We know from The Bible that we as Christians are the Temple of God, within which the Holy Spirit resides [1 Corinthians 3:16]. But did you know that when Solomon built the first Temple of God in Jerusalem, there was a hidden prophecy that would foretell of our bodies becoming the new Temple of God?


In the first book of Kings we are given a very specific view of how the temple was built, what materials were used and how big each part was. And upon taking a look at both 1 Kings and John 2 we can see an interesting hidden message that is revealed through our modern day understanding of the human body.


1 Kings 7:15-16 tells us of the building of two great bronze pillars which would stand at the entrance of Gods temple. The shaft of the columns measured 18 cubits in height, with a capital (top adorning piece) measuring 5 cubits in height; this gives us a total height of 23 cubits. Both of these pillars were incredibly important to Solomon and as such he went so far as to name them both. The left one which faced north was named “Jachin”, the second one which faced south was named “Boaz”.


Now the human body is made up of chromosomes that are literally the building blocks of the human body. They contain all of the DNA information that makes you into who you are. Your parents give you 23 chromosomes each, which gives you a total of 46 chromosomes. The pillars of Solomons temple measure 23 cubits high which can be seen to represent the two parents chromosomes that go into making each one of us, add these two pillars together and you’ve got a human body, the future Temple of God! Even more special are the names that Solomon gave to these pillars.


I mentioned that the left one was named “Jachin“, this literally translates as “GOD shall establish“; and the name of the second pillar “Boaz” translates as “Strength” or “In Strength“. If you string these two pillars together, Jachin Boaz, you get “GOD shall establish in strength“. What can we take from this? We can take this as a prophecy. God shall establish, in strength, his new Kingdom in which WE are the new Temple of God.


So another question to ask is if we can find this same kind of use of chromosomes in The Bible elsewhere? The answer is yes. It can be found in John 2.
In John 2 we learn that all of the people had turned the temple (Solomons rebuilt temple) into a marketplace which greatly angered Jesus. He then drove everybody out including all of the animals, with a whip made from cords.
Now the Jewish people exclaimed “What gives you the authority to do such things?” and Jesus responded “Destroy this temple and i will rebuild it again in three days” to which the Jews replied “It has taken 46 years to build this temple!“.
What does all of this mean? Once again we see those numbers, 46, but this time in years.


Now Herod the Great had begun to restore the Temple of Solomon, as it had since been destroyed. He began his work in 19 BC and it had taken 46 years to restore it up until the point of this conflict at the temple. The 46 years of building is also how many chromosomes it takes to build the human body! Incredible.
But lets really look deeper at Jesus’ words. He says that he would restore the temple in just 3 days, an incredible feat. We can see from John 2:21-22 that he was in fact speaking prophetically about his own body, the Temple of God. The 46 years/chromosomes simply alludes to this prophecy that Jesus spoke of. After he had been resurrected, the disciples remembered his words and understood this prophecy that he had foretold. Whether or not they understood the incredible connection between the amount of years and the amount of chromosomes is not made known to us, and is probably unlikely; but due to modern understanding of the human body it can be made obvious to us.


So from this we can see that there are two prophecies in the bible which directly link with our own bodies becoming the new restored Temple of God, and i imagine that there are a few more hidden out there for us to find!


I hope that you have enjoyed reading about these biblical prophecies and that it encourages you to seek out other hidden prophecies in The Bible. As always God manages to reveal his incredible presence in all walks of life, especially the historical book that he has given for us to study and enjoy.

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