How should we teach people about Jesus?


When we teach about Jesus Christ, we should use his way of teaching as a cornerstone for our own. Jesus followed the Father and did exactly what he told him to do [John 6:38][John 12:49][John 14:10], and he was also guided by the Holy Spirit [Luke 4:1]. Jesus didn’t teach in defense, or with great theological debates; instead he simply answered peoples questions through his wisdom and through his extensive knowledge of the scripture. This is EXACTLY how we need to teach others.
If we get into massive theological debates with people, these can easily turn into arguments and this can lead to the other person closing themselves up from whatever it was you were trying to teach [2 Timothy 2:15-16].
Instead of doing this we should use our own lives as a way for people to ask questions themselves.
When you live and work for Jesus Christ, you stand out to people; his light shines through you and it can be blinding to some people, which means you will be noticed, and this is how people start to ask questions. Someone may ask you why you live the way you do, or why it is that you go about your life in a certain way; this can be a very good opportunity to tell them about Jesus.


The key thing to do whenever you think you may come into contact with non-Christians or new Christians is to pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you towards wisdom. The second thing to know is that you cannot answer every question. If you cannot answer a question through knowledge of the scripture, you should just tell the person “Sorry, i don’t know the answer to that, let me get back to you when i’ve read some more about it“; and then once you have prayed and searched the Holy Spirit and the Bible for the answers, you can get back to the person and answer them.
It is better not to answer a question at all, then it is to answer it without wisdom.


Another thing we must remember is that Jesus believed completely and utterly in the literal truth of the scriptures. Many of his answers to peoples questions were direct quotes from the Torah (Old Testament) [Matthew 19:4].
Jesus also said that those that don’t believe in the old testament as truth will have no hope of believing in him [John 5:46-47], so in order to teach people about Jesus we must give them solid foundations from which they can build their faith upon. The solid foundations come from teaching exactly as the Bible teaches; this means there is no room for human theories to mingle in with scripture. This only creates confusion and forms weak foundations for fresh people to build their beliefs upon, and we know what happens when a house is built upon sand.
Too many Christians today are teaching non believers that the scientific theories they think are facts are actually compatible with the Bible, but many of these theories undermine the very sacrifice of Jesus, so we need to always teach from the Bible so that they can learn to have faith in God rather than man [Psalms 118:8].
One of my favourite verses on this matter is 2 Timothy 3:16-17 which says “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, equipped for every good work“. This verse shows us that the Bible isn’t outdated, old fashioned or full of inaccuracies; it is breathed out by God whom created life itself, therefore it is as strong today as it ever was.


Finally, always remember that a wise man doesn’t need to defend himself, because the truth speaks for itself. Let your knowledge in Christ shine forth a light for all to see and make sure you practise what you preach [Proverbs 11:30].

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