O Taste and see


O taste and see that the LORD ‭is‭ good: blessed ‭is‭ the man ‭that‭ trusteth in him.“‭ [Psalm 34:8]
‘The goodness of the pudding is in the eating’ Not quite the way its said, but that’s my personal version of that wise saying. You wanna know how yummy mama’s blueberry pie is? Then grab a chair, sit down at the table, and allow her to dish you a chunky portion of it.
I had a short discussion with a colleague of mine a couple of months ago. While we drove heading toward Spilsby in Lincolnshire, there was a break in our conversation, so I opened my phone to read that day’s YouVersion. Thinking I was bored with him he asked, “Are you watching YouTube?
I replied, “No, I’m reading the Bible on YouVersion.
Oh, is that an audio Bible?
Yes, it is,” I said.
You are religious then?
No, I’m a Christian. I have a relationship with God.
I see. I’m not religious.
I’m pleased to hear that, as neither am I.
I don’t believe in the Bible,” he said “I think we are here now, then we die and that’s it.
Have you read the Bible?” I asked,
How do you know what’s in it then? You can’t cook a good meal without the recipe, right? In the same way you can’t know about the goodness of God without reading about it in his book.
He agreed with me, “Yeah, I guess you’re right.
I guess so too because the goodness of the pudding is in the eating. Many people reject God and his word outright, without knowing why they do. That’s sad and rather naive. I love mama’s pudding, so I’m gonna keep sitting at the table daily for a good-size portion.
David the psalmist says, “O taste and see that the LORD ‭is‭ good: blessed ‭is‭ the man ‭that‭ trusts in him.‭” [Psalm 34:8]

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