The Father is calling you Home


It is time for you to be with The Father. The Father is calling you Home

In March of 2009 I was living in Portugal, and I had a dream that has changed my life, and will forever cement my faith in God and my belief in Him. I wish to share that dream with you today and I hope that you can see a miracle in it like I do.

March 2009

When I was living in Portugal something miraculous happened, but in order to give my story context, I must tell you a little bit about some events occurring around this time. There was a well known British celebrity who was dying during this time, and there were bits of her life that were televised and printed in newspapers, and various internet articles as she was dying. I was living in Portugal so despite the publicity surrounding her final year on this earth, you could say I was a world away from the events; that is until my fateful dream.
I had gone to bed like any other night, nothing out of the ordinary had happened but what I could never had prepared myself for was the dream I would have that night.

The Dream

In my dream I was in a bright room and I was queueing with a group of people. There were perhaps 10 of us there in total. At the front of the queue I could see a bed, shining white with a woman laying in it. I waited my turn as the queue eventually lessened, until it was my turn to visit the lady in the bed. I had a realisation whilst I was in the queue that we were all taking it in turns to say goodbye. As I walked up to her I recognised her, it was the celebrity who was dying of cancer, and I wondered what she was doing in my dream.
She was laying there with bright white shining around her, and I noticed that she was distraught. I grabbed hold of her hands and she held my hands tightly and looked me in the eyes. She said to me ‘I don’t want to go yet, I’m scared. I can’t leave my boys, I must stay and look after them.

I held her hands and the words that left me came from somewhere deep within my spirit. I had an understanding that exceeded the situation and I knew exactly what to tell her. With absolute certainty that I was speaking the truth, I looked her in the eyes and said to her, ‘Don’t worry about your boys, they will be well looked after. God will make sure that they are taken care of. It is time for you to be with The Father. The Father is calling you Home.
After I had spoken those words, she looked up at me and her lips formed a big beautiful smile. She stopped crying and she had a look of complete peace, like a great weight had been lifted off her. I felt her spirit leaving my presence as the room filled with the brightest light I had seen. It is at this moment that I woke up.

Waking up

After having this amazing dream I immediately woke up from it. I was a little startled by the experience that had felt so real, like I was actually there. I looked at the clock and I remember it being the early hours of the morning. I can’t remember the exact time but it was somewhere between 3am and 4am. After a few moments of reliving the dream in my mind, I decided I should go back to sleep, and so I did just that and slept for a few more hours.
I woke up and went about my day as I normally would, not thinking too much about the dream, but at some point in the afternoon the dream came back to me and I couldn’t get it out of my head. It was then that I thought I would search the UK news websites, to see if there was anything about the particular celebrity that had been in my dream. In that moment I discovered something that has cemented my faith in God ever since.

The News

The news articles that I came across all said the same thing. The celebrity that had been in my dream had died that morning, some time in the early hours. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My dream about this celebrity had been in the early hours, and as I spoke those words of peace over her, she had passed over to heaven during that exact moment of my dream. Surely this couldn’t be a coincidence? I needed to know more. What’s more, I needed to know if this celebrity believed in God; that way I could know for sure whether this experience was coincidental or not.
What I discovered filled me with such awe and incredulity. I found out that the celebrity in my dream had given her life over to Christ in the months leading up to her death. Wow. There was no way I could deny it any longer, this dream had to be a divine experience.


I have held this moment dear to my heart since the day it happened. I truly believe that I was with this person during her final moments, and that I was able to offer her comfort and help her into The Father’s arms. Is this wild to believe? Of course! But how can it possibly be a coincidence? Not only was my dream on the same morning as the lady’s death, but it was also at the same time. All I can do is praise God for this experience.
I have only shared it with a few people, because I thought that most people would think I’m crazy for telling them this, and that they wouldn’t believe me. But it has been on my heart to share this with you all for many years, and I have finally found the words to write it down and share it. Even though I am sharing this, I don’t feel it’s appropriate to share the name of the lady in my dream, so I have left that for you to work out if you wish.

How has this event changed my life?

It has cemented my faith in God ever since. I can’t deny the events that occurred, and I can’t ever see them as coincidence. It was far too real for me to simply be a dream, I truly believe it was a spiritual experience that I was so blessed to be given. Whenever I struggle with my faith, I always think back to that moment and realise God is real, and He is looking after us in ways we cannot possibly imagine.
I hope this story has inspired your faith and that you will pray for God to deliver miracles into your life.

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