Though the seasons change


United Pursuit – Seasons Change

There is a song that’s sung by United Pursuit called “Seasons Change” and the lyrics say ‘Though the seasons change, your love remains’. It inspired me to write this post and I encourage you to listen to the song afterwards, which will be linked to at the end of the post.


Life is filled with many different “seasons”. We can describe these seasons as specific periods in our life, set apart by particular events or by different areas of growth. Different stages in our life such as childhood, teenage years, early adulthood can be seasons. Or perhaps a season is a period of singleness, or engagement, or the first years of marriage. Seasons can be defined by loss and life, and worldwide events also create seasons where we can struggle or prosper. We will be defined by how we cope through our different seasons, and we will either grow or have halted growth depending on the seasons we are going through.

What season are you in?

You may be going through a season of spiritual emptiness right now, or perhaps you are currently in a season filled with spiritual gifts and worship. It’s true that our seasons change just as our moods change, so with this ever changing life we are living, what can we hold onto to stabilize ourselves?

An unchanging God

Well, there is one that never changes. There is one that remains the same throughout all of time and beyond, and that is God. The Bible says that the world around us will perish, but God will remain, never change and will have no end [Psalm 102:25-27]. Hebrews 13 verse 8 says “Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever.” We have seen throughout the Bible that when God says something he will hold to it [Numbers 23:19].

Turn to Him

If you are struggling in this season of your life, turn to God and let him be the firm foundation that stabilizes your life. The Bible says to cast your anxiety on Him, because he cares for you [1 Peter 5:7]. It also says that his yoke is easy and his burden is light [Matthew 11:30]. A yoke is a piece of wooden crossbar that is fitted around an animal’s neck and attached to a cart or trailer, so that the animal can drag the trailer. Doesn’t it feel sometimes like you’re dragging a heavy load behind you? It can feel like your cart is so filled up with anxieties and worries about finances, health, family and more. But Jesus asks us to swap our yoke for his, because his cart is easy to drag; so cast your burdens on Him and let him carry them for you [Matthew 11:28-30].

Please listen to the song that inspired this post by clicking here to the video: United Pursuit – Seasons Change
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