Tough Luck


Many of us have been through tough and traumatic times throughout our lives, some more than others. But the fact is they affect us, they leave scars. They influence who we become and how we react to those around us.
What can help?

Many turn to a belief in something or someone to comfort them and help them through the hurt. Let’s call them distractions. Religion, sports, relationships, consumerism, the list goes on. The fact is all of these things are temporary, and they offer no clear definitive cure in my view.

I just want to be clear on one thing, I am no psychologist. In fact the only professional stance I have on this subject is experience, but to me that counts for a lot.

Short term fixes are exactly that, short term. We can grow tired of religion, sports, relationships and consumerism, and the many other short term fixes. Eventually they let us down, one way or another, or at best they don’t meet or fulfill our expectations.
Is there a long term answer?

In my case I needed a father, a comforter. Someone who will always be there to support me no matter what, warts and all. But I got so much more in God, through Christ (to those that don’t believe in God, please bare with me).

I’ve spoken about temporary cures, but there is a long term answer to our needs. In some cases emotional healing might be instant, and in others there might be a journey involved. “But you could say that about all of the above ‘short term fixes’, couldn’t you?” Yes, that’s true, but none of the above profess to offer a long term cure, and none of the above can offer it.

There is someone who loves you, who wants to take away the pain. Who wants to comfort you through tough times, and many times will even carry you. God.

Now lets be clear, I’m talking about the God of the Bible:

The only one who offers a long term solution.

The only one who offers a personal relationship with Him.

The only one who sent us a comforter.

The only one who will never leave or forsake you.

The only one who offers eternal salvation.

Through Jesus Christ.

Here is my only scripture for this blog post: John 3:16:For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish, but have eternal life“.

This is how simple the Gospel is. Yes it can be complicated by going into detail as to why we need salvation, and why Jesus is the solution. Sadly many churches complicate salvation too, but this blog post is about God’s love and desire to bring long term emotional healing for those that bear the scars of past trauma.

God can and will heal you, I can bear witness to that. There are instances of past trauma in my life where healing has, and still is taking place. The ability to forgive has played a large part in that; something I could never have done without having felt God’s forgiveness in my life first.
I’ve been carried and comforted through many hard times too.

I often think back to one time in particular.

Many years ago my daughters were born at 27 weeks. Both of them were born at less than the weight of a 2.2lb bag of sugar. I cannot conceive how anyone can get through that without God, my heart goes out to them. He gave us the strength that we needed to get through that time (some call it luck). He placed the right God believing doctors around us to join us in prayer for our daughters, to support us emotionally and spiritually. I even felt God cradle me in his arms as I struggled with the trauma of this situation. He is magnificent and he wants to support you too, not just now, but for all eternity.

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