Why God Is Real To Me: Seeing An Angel by YOUnique


Kayla is a friend of ours at The Bible Uncovered, and she has very kindly allowed us to present the first episode of her vlog series “Why God Is Real To Me”.


She has posted this series to her YouTube channel YOUnique, where she posts vlogs about her life, and testimonies of experiences she has had with God.


Episode 1 in her series is about the incredible testimony of when God protected her from a potentially serious injury. She also tells the story of when God rescued her from daily nightmares, and even sent his angel down to visit her! Wow God is good.


I hope you enjoy Episode 1 as much as I did. Please take the time to like the video and subscribe to YOUnique for more brilliant content: YOUnique YouTube Channel



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Photo by Zura Modebadze
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