GoFundMe (Donate)



Since the end of 2014 I have been running a website called thebibleuncovered.com
This website has been a passion of mine and I have personally funded it for 5 years now. 


The purpose of this website is to unlock some of the mysteries in the Bible and allow people to draw closer to God, or to simply find out more about the Christian God.


Since 2014 the website has grown from having one author (myself), to now having three authors in total (Rob & Francis).
We absolutely love bringing you testimonies, prophecies and hidden mysteries from the Bible, and we will continue to do this with or without funding for the website.


The website costs a total of £91 per year to run, and I would love for you to be a part of the website by donating towards its running costs. However I will continue to personally fund the website if there are no donations, so be assured that the website is not going anywhere.


How donations will be split:
50% of all donations will go directly towards the present and future running costs of the website for up to 3 years. Once 3 years of running costs have been provided for, the remaining donations will then be used to improve / upgrade the website.


The rest of the 50% will go directly to charities that help to provide Bibles and missionary work to countries around the world.


This is entirely a non-profit funding.


Thank you very much for considering your donation towards the continual funding of thebibleuncovered.com. I wish you a very blessed day and I pray that God can speak to you through the content of my website.


Many blessings,